Dental Treatments in North County Dublin

  • Prevention for Children and Adults

    Preventative dental care means you’ll not have to see your dentist too often! Good oral health; regular brushing and flossing and regular check-ups for adults and children are all part of preventative dental care.

    It’s much better to avoid dental problems in the first place by takin good care of your teeth, and Dr. Fagan will show you how.

    Correct brushing technique; when to change your toothbrush; how and when to floss and generally preventing decay are good habits that are easy to learn.

  • Root Canal Treatment

    If the nerve of a tooth has become decayed or infected, a Root Canal may save the tooth. Saving a tooth may be preferable to an extraction, as once a tooth is pulled out, it leaves a space that may impact the neighbouring teeth, which may start to move.

    The nerve part of the tooth, along with the pulp (living tissue inside the tooth) and any bacteria or decay present is removed.

    Then the tooth is sealed with special root-filling cement all the way to the tip of the root.

    This will save your tooth once the root is filled and sealed properly; it gets rid of the painful soft tissue and leaves a hard shell. A dental crown is then fitted to ensure the tooth ha full functionality within your mouth.

  • Crowns

    A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap”; an artificial restoration that is placed over a damaged tooth to improve the appearance and restore its shape, size and strength.

    The crown, when cemented into place, fully encases the entire visible portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line. It makes your tooth look perfect again. The tooth needs to be prepared first; usually it is filed down so it can take the crown and the finished result is level with all your other teeth.

  • Tooth Whitening

    If you’re a suitable candidate for whitening, we use a safe; tried and tested whitening system; a gel containing a sufficient concentration of hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth, either in an in-house treatment, or you may use the home whitening kits dispensed with a prescription from us.

    Impressions will be taken of your teeth in order to manufacture a custom- moulded tray that exactly fits the various nooks and crannies of your teeth.

    Once the tray has been made, the tooth whitening product is added into the tray, which slots perfectly into your mouth without allowing the product to touch sensitive gums or mucous membranes in the mouth.

  • Bridges

    A bridge is a partial denture used to fill a gap in the mouth where several teeth are absent. Fingal Dental Surgery can custom make a bridge for patients who are missing teeth to help them eat, speak and smile with confidence.

    Depending on your particular case, Dr. Fagan will determine the best option for you for maximum comfort and long term stability.

  • Dentures

    A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and the tissues connected to those teeth. It is made of acrylic plastic, and sometimes porcelain and metal materials.

    Dentures are designed to resemble your own natural teeth and gum tissue. If you are missing some teeth, you may get a bridge or partial denture; if you are missing lots of teeth you may have complete dentures to replace them.

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The Inman Aligner

If your teeth are crowded together, which makes them crooked, or protruding (sticking out), then you may be a candidate for the Inman Aligner.

The Inman Aligner is a fast solution for crowding or protrusion of the front teeth.

It works by gently guiding your teeth into position in a matter of weeks- a much shorter time frame than other braces. You can take it out for a while every day, for eating or brushing your teeth, so it fits in easily with your lifestyle.

Whereas many brace systems take up to 18 months to make a difference in your smile, the Inman Aligner can move your teeth to a more ideal position within 6 – 16 weeks, depending on the patient and degree of movement required.