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Free Childrens Teeth Dental Care Event

Fingal Dental Surgery holds a Free Children’s Teeth Dental Care Event kindly sponsored by KIN company. The event has been running for the past 3 years and the kids get to learn about healthy dental habits while having fun. The event is fun way how to bring children to the surgery and make their first […]

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Do you have Bad Breath?

You might not realise you suffer from bad breath until you notice people gradually backing away from you with a wrinkled nose. Dr. Pavlina Fagan at Fingal Dental Surgery can help you to identify the causes of bad breath, and give you tips and hints on how to treat it. Bad breath, also known as […]

Happy Teeth

How to Reduce the Pain of Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is a very common problem. It’s basically defined as tooth discomfort in one or more teeth- usually the front ones- and can be triggered by drinking very hot or very cold drinks; breathing cold air, or even by eating very sweet or sour foods. The pain feels very sharp and sudden, and seems […]